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Default Celebrity Death Conspiracy Theories

Dooms' thread about MJ got me thinking about what celebrities that are "dead," really are dead.

There have been numerous crack-pots and attention whores that have claimed to see Elvis, there was even a pretty funny movie called Bubba Ho-Tep, and in the story Elvis and JFK are living in a retirement home together.

Some say that Kurt Cobain isn't really dead, or that he was murdered. And the list goes on. However, there are two celebrities that "died" under very sketchy circumstances, Tupac and Jim Morrison. I feel strongly that these two may still both be alive. They both foretold their deaths, and they both struggled with fame and fandom. From memory, didn't Tupac suggest he was going to disappear and re-emerge as some guy with a Russian name starting with M? Makavi or something. Also, non of The Doors members, or Jim's close family got to see the body.

These two jokers are probably living somewhere random like out in Mongolia, living on the land.

What are all your thoughts on celebrity conspiracies?
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