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Default Re: OT: UFC 67 (Cro Cops UFC debut)

Originally Posted by Pistol Pete
He would just be another huge addition to a division that is gaining some depth. You'd then have Cro Cop, Nog, Sylvia, Arlovski, Couture - possibly Vera if he ever decides to sign instead of pursuing Pride. The division would quickly begin to regain it's depth and excitement.

I can't wait til my favourite MMA fight, Georges St. Pierre, steps back into the octagon and lays an enormous beatdown on Matt Serra. The 170 division is stacked - Hughes, Karo, Sanchez, Fitch, Penn (unless he stays at 155 after fighting Pulver), Koscheck - and I really can't wait for St. Pierre to start defending against some really legitimate fighters. I don't think any of them can beat St. Pierre, but they are all very talented.

Yeah, it's a joke that with how stacked the WW division is, we are getting shoddy matchups. The top 3 guys in that division are all fighting crap guy instead of fighting eachother.

With the way Diego laid out Diesel Riggs in quick fashion, you would think he'd get a title shot against GSP, but no, he's fighting Koscheck. And Matt Hughes VS Lyttle? COME ON.

Regardless, I think GSP is holding onto that belt for awhile. I think he'll beat Diego then Diego will work his way up and in the second match beat GSP like what GSP did with Hughes, lost, then worked his way back up and won.
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