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Originally Posted by Glide2keva
I give him a six.

He makes bad decisions sometimes, like the NY game, we could've won that game, but he raised the white flag way too early by benching Rose for no good reason.
I know you posted this a month ago but that decision was actually one of the most encouraging things Thibs did early in the season. It showed that he thinks like a real NBA head coach, and not a lifelong assistant who lives and dies with every possession and every game. Sometimes you need to ride your bench and be willing to lose a game for big-picture reasons. For one, you need your bench over the course of the season and you sometimes have to be willing to see if they can win a game for you. For another, if your starters are playing like crap, it's not a bad idea to send them a message, especially early in the season. Gregg Popovich is the master of this. That's a guy who knows when he's OK to lose a game to teach a lesson.

In that game, the Bulls' first unit was getting torched. Derrick had good numbers but was playing like crap, especially defensively on his slow rotations letting Toney Douglas go insane. The bench was what got the Bulls back into it and he decided to ride them the rest of the way. It was one of the smartest things he did the first few weeks of the season.

I know most of you posted your thoughts much earlier in the season but at this point I'd give Thibs a solid 8.5. I think he's been very good. He's settled into a good rotation and managed to get productivity out of Thomas and Asik with Boozer and Noah both missing huge chunks of the season. He's doing a great job of managing Derrick Rose's minutes. It would be easy to burn Derrick out and playing him 42 minutes a night, especially with how bad C.J. Watson is. But he's playing less than 38 minutes a night and is regularly getting lengthy rests at the start of the 2nd quarter, and if the Bulls are in good shape a good chunk of the 4th quarter, too. Even if they're struggling he doesn't panic and put Derrick back in too soon.

I worry that he might be too much like Skiles in the sense that they're both hardasses with terse personalities, and it could burn these guys out on him within a couple of years like with Skiles. But we'll worry about that in due time. For now, he's quickly established himself as an upper-tier head coach, in my opinion. He's a basketball lifer and X-and-O genius who has quickly embraced the necessity of looking at the big picture the way a head coach needs to.
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