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Default Re: Pistons would like to trade Richard Hamilton

Originally Posted by dd24
Now they're saying he might be part of the Melo deal with Hamilton going to NJ. They are also saying NJ wants our first round pick this year. I think that part is ridiculous. Detroit better not trade our first rounder, especially when all we'd be getting back is Petro and Murphy. I'm not a huge fan of that trade anyway, except for the expiring contract. At least we'd be able to add another piece next year.

The funny thing about the trade is it doesn't really help our cap room at all next year. After we extend Stuckey, we'll have close to what equates to a mid-level available, except we won't have the mid level due to being under the cap.

This is really the best thing for our future though. We weren't going to get a dominate player for Rip or young talent. Unfortunately, we'll soon learn that both Villanueva and Gordon are not going to be the impact players we wanted. I think Joe's plan was to have a lineup of Stuckey / Hamilton (Gordon) / Prince / Boozer / Wallace but it didn't work out when Boozer didn't want to be paid what we could afford. Now, Stuckey isn't quite the player we want, and we have a large number of support players. Hopefully we can get some talent through the draft the next few years, and have a lineup like so come 2012 or so (a man can dream):

Chris Paul
Rodney Stuckey / Ben Gordon
Perry Jones
Greg Monroe / Enes Kanter

2010 Trade Tayshuan Prince & Jason Maxiell for Caron Butler (expirer) & Deshawn Stevenson (expirer)
2011 Draft Perry Jones
2011 Trade Charlie Villanueva for Some Expirer Somehow
2012 Draft Enes Kanter
2012 Sign Chris Paul
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