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There are a lot of good PG's in the draft (M. Williams, R. Rondo, K. Lowry, S. Rodriguez, D. Washington Jr.) but most of those guys will be gone by the Lakes pick. I think they should try to trade up for M. Williams, R. Rondo, or S. Rodriguez, if there are no takers than draft Washington Jr. I think he is underrated and would be a steal at 26. He is young and has much more talent than most think he was a high school all-american and can score at will. I don't think Jordan Farmar is the answer though (in my opinion he blows). I watched a little of the Orlando camp on ESPN U (direct tv is great) and Farmar looked average with the rest of the late second rounders. Washinton Jr. looked like a superb athletes who was playing those fools at the playground. They would be wise to take Darius or trade up.
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