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Default Re: Anyone else frustrated?

Why would I be frustrated the one year we have a great road record?

Because it's come at the cost of a dominant home record.

Paul's finally getting his chance to start

For the time being anyway and not because the franchise has a clue but because of injury.

The amount of comeback wins we've had this season is equal to or greater then the amount of total wins the t-wolves had.

The fact that they're playing from behind so much isn't a good thing.

Bell's finally healthy

For how long?

AK'S staying healhy

He is? He just missed games because of his back again.

Memo's back

Not necessarily a good thing. Time will tell.

Hell even haywards playing better

A 20 year old is improving? Hard to believe.

O and yes December was by far the worse month for Jazz basketball I've ever seen

And it adds up to 5th place for a team paying luxury tax and stuck with Okur and Jefferson's contracts. Woo Hoo!
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