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Default Re: BTE.SE Biggest Thread Ever Science Edition

Swine flu survivors developed super flu antibodies

A study of antibodies from people infected with H1N1 swine flu adds proof that scientists are closing in on a "universal" flu shot that could neutralize many types of flu strains, including H1N1 swine flu and H5N1 bird flu, U.S. researchers said on Monday.

They said people who were infected in the H1N1 pandemic developed an unusual immune response, making antibodies that could protect them from all the seasonal H1N1 flu strains from the last decade, the deadly "Spanish flu" strain from 1918 and even a strain of the H5N1 avian flu.

"It says that a universal influenza vaccine is really possible," said Patrick Wilson of the University of Chicago, who worked on the paper published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine.

Many teams are working on a "universal" flu shot that could protect people from all flu strains for decades or even life.

Some good may come from that pandemic/scare after all. I haven't been vaccinated in about 3 years, since I got out of the Air Force. I'm probably gonna die from some super virus.

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