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Default Re: Game Thread: Knicks at Orlando

I've never really minded Jerome James, except for the fact that Isiah signed him only to fill up cap space, but starting him at Center today was an inspired move that I hope Isiah sticks with for the rest of the season. James is by no means a guy you want going 30-35 minutes a night, but starting him gives you a solid player who can play with opposing 4s and 5s on both ends until they both tire and/or foul out. Then you hit them with Frye/Lee off the bench, while continuing to pound them inside with Curry, who now doesn't have to guard the other team's best big man. James, Curry, Q-Rich, Crawford, and Marbury with Frye, Lee, Nate, and Balkman off the bench makes for a pretty versatile and dangerous rotation.

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