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Post the problem with the knicks

the problem with the knicks is they have too many one dimensional players. its been like that for a while. most of their players can do something well and be a liability in another area. the only well rounded players they really have are Richardson and surprisingly marbury (surprising bc traditionally hes known as a scoring only point guard)

richardson- good shooter, defender, rebounder
marbury- pretty good shooter, can drive, dish, getting better defensively
curry-great post player, cant rebound or defend
lee- good rebounder, cant shoot and needs to defend better
frye- pretty good jumper, little post game which he doesnt use and very inconsistent
jeffries- good defender, no offensive game at all
crawford- streak shooter, good offensive player, not much else
n robinson- energy guy, erratic
balkman- good defender, rebounder, offensive liability
and so on

they need some of these guys to get better in other areas most notably defense to become a good team
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