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He's also their most movable asset to get under the luxury tax. Memo's value is non-existent since his injury.

Doubt Okur would have much value anyway. He's highly overpaid for a guy that is one dimensional and ideally a back-up. Hopefully they'll take advantage of his expiring contract next year as they should have last year.

But they haven't shown that kind of foresight. If they'd have traded him or AK for Marion years ago things would be different now. Other teams had interest in Jefferson. They wouldn't get as much back for him as they gave up I'm sure though.

I still have a sneaking suspicion that it's either him or Miles that'll get traded in a Eric Maynor type fashion.

Miles gets them under the tax? It's the Jazz so them giving him away while making their team worse would come to no surprise despite trying to portray themselves as big spenders these days.

That's only based off the earlier AK for Boris Diaw rumours, of which I have no idea if there was any sort of truth to or not.

I think the deal was on. Denver backed out. Sounds like a typically bad Jazz move. Prince or Josh Smith for AK sure. Diaw. LOL!
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