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Default Re: Monroe's Progress

Originally Posted by Kombo
Who are some guys you'd like to see us target with this draft?

Do you know anything about John Henson from UNC? I know the team has been disappointing, and Harrison Barnes has been really disappointing. Just wonder if John Henson looks at all like a good pro prospect.

I think I'd like to see another big man. We'll end up resigning Stuckey. He's actually been very good over the past couple seasons and I don't think he quite gets the credit he deserves. We've already invested in Gordon. It's obvious he isn't going anywhere (unfortunately). I think we might have a chance to resign McGrady too. Tay will definitely walk but we still have Daye and Jerebko who can play SF. If we were able to get Perry Jones he's probably the one lock of the draft. I highly doubt we end up with a #1 or #2 pick though.... For C's there's only two to take a gamble on, Donatas Motiejunas and Enes Kanter. I think Kanter still needs a lot of work. Motiejunas is probably the more NBA ready of the two. Though Motiejunas is probably more like a Monroe type player whereas Kanter's position is definitely C. There's some mock drafts that have us taking another 6'9" PF in Derrick Williams out of Arizona. Others have us drafting Motiejunas. I think most mock drafts have us positioned at about #6 or #7 thus far which is why they have us drafting these players. Jonas Valanciunas is the other big man to take a look at mid 1st round. Overall it looks like this draft is starting to become pretty weak. It's not a good year to be a bad team......
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