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Trading for Marion would only have been a smart move financially if you let him walk.

They probably wouldn't have payed luxury tax the past two years, could have carried a full roster instead of going cheap and not given Maynor away so it was the move to make at the time.

Otherwise if you sign him to the type of deal the Mavs gave him, you're paying $8-9 million until 13/2014 for a guy past his prime. It's OK in Dallas because Cuban is a billionaire and he's playing behind Butler, but he'd most likely be a started in Utah.

Considering he's arguably the best defender in the league he'd be worth every penny. He led the league last year in I believe it was fewest points scored by his opponent and considering he's usually guarding the best 2,3's and 4's that's impressive. He lost his touch from 3 but still has a lot going on. He's certainly earning his money more than the AK's/Al's and Okur's of the world are.

They only gave up a 1st rounder and Kofus for Jefferson

2 firsts plus a former 1st.

they could get a decent player

Maybe? The way he's played in a system where he should thrive hasn't helped his value I'm sure.

Trading Milsap would be crazy, so apart from AK, he's the next movable piece.

Would be crazy since he's easily their 2nd best player but with Jefferson around it makes little sense to have 2 guys who do basically the same things. Anyone that has seen the Clipps of late know that they have to trade Kaman now. Millsap and Griffin make a lot more sense for them and the Jazz get the center they've never had in their history.

Trading Miles or AK makes them weak at an already thin position. Price is not a regular rotation player.
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