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Default Re: WikiLeaks To Reveal Secret Bank Accounts Of Politicians & Celebrities & Corporations

Originally Posted by bladefd
Saw bits of pieces of this already yesterday. Glad to see Wikileaks doing it. Must bring into light those scumbags hiding money and getting away with it. The question is though - what kind of proof will WikiLeaks provide? Will they black out the proof from the regular public or will the public also get to see each person's account name, number and overseas bank location? I truly wonder how they plan on revealing the bank accounts. Maybe they will black out the locations/id numbers for the general public, and documents without the black-outs will be sent to agencies like the FBI and other agencies in different part of the world. I can't wait to see who those people are if it is somehow released.

Thought I should mention that I had a discussion with somebody, who considers himself a conservative, about this very topic earlier today about Wikileaks revealing secret bank accounts. As soon as I brought this up, he was like "What about the Obama administration and the federal government stealing and wasting the tax money or how about the British governments and other foreign federal governments stealing the money of the people?" (quote is not word-for-word)..

I was like "Hold on, we aren't talking about the US government right now. We are talking about Wikileaks right now and the secret bank accounts of politicians, celebrities and corporations being leaked." He just told me that the US federal government is an issue too and wouldn't stop talking about how the US government is stealing tax money while increasing the taxes annually. "Constitution says we the people by the people for the people under God. How about Wikileaks leaks information about the money stolen by the Obama administration and the federal government having control over we the people?" Finally, I gave up in extreme frustration... All I got out of the entire conversation was that he didn't want to talk about the secret bank accounts of millionaires, billionaires and a bunch of politicians hiding money while getting the full tax-payers benefits.

I couldn't find anything by Fox on this latest leak by wikileaks on youtube. I wanted to see what guys like Bill O'Reily would say about this, I wouldn't be surprised if he decides to go for the US federal government approach too just like this one guy that I had the conversation with.
Sounds like a typical conservative. They just blame everything on Obama. Ultimately we're all getting ****ed the same so technically we're on the same side. You should just smile and nod, that's the way I deal with em.
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