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Originally Posted by Lakerlove420
yeah spoil her ..
but . .. . .did you have a brother or sister growing up?
Can you picture life without them..

or..were you an only child?
didn't you want a brother or sister..
My childhood was complicated slightly. I technically do have a brother and a half-sister. My brother was born when I was 7, he lived with us for two years until he was two, then was adopted away because my parents split up, my father didn't want to help take care of him and my mother couldn't take care of both me and my brother at the same time.

Later my mother re-married, had a daughter, but she was given up for adoption also right after she was born and raised by adopted parents.

My brother (Kyle) wasn't told he was adopted until he was 11. He found me on MySpace about three or four years ago. We don't talk very much, I think it's because it's something he doesn't care about.

My half-sister (Angelisa) is being raised knowing she's adopted. She's 7 now and knows she has a white half-brother living 500 miles away. She's mixed by the way black/white. in saying I do have siblings, but I've always considered myself a only child emotionally because I grew up that way 16 of my 18 pre-adult years.
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