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Default Re: Tyrus Thomas out 8 weeks with knee injury

Originally Posted by onewickedlady
Why don't we just sign some ten-day contracts for the next couple of months while we're looking for a way to trade Jax?
I don't know who's available but I am just hoping that the FO doesn't let our roster get too thin while they're focused on saving money.

From Bonnell's blog:

This Thomas injury is a big mess

This might be a problem without an answer.
The Bobcats just lost Tyrus Thomas for eight weeks (I had precisely the meniscus injury Thomas has, and while Glenn Perry is a marvelous doctor, there’s only so much you can do to speed that recovery time. So don’t assume Thomas will be back sooner).
The problem isn’t just Thomas’ value to the Charlotte Bobcats. It’s how poorly structured the Bobcats are to compensate for his loss.
As general manager Rod Higgins noted Thursday, they already have the maximum 15 players under guaranteed contract. And 13 of those are able-bodied, so there’s little reason to think the NBA would grant the Bobcats a roster exception.
What Higgins didn’t say, but obviously implied, is it’s not the NBA’s problem that the Bobcats roster is over-populated with 2s and 3s.
Higgins made it clear that Paul Silas will have to try to make due with the current mix. That means Dominic McGuire and Eduardo Najera must play more and Gerald Wallace will play as much 4 as 3 going forward.
I was the one who told Wallace that Thomas would be out eight weeks. You should have seen the look on Wallace’s face – somewhere between shock and dread as I asked him what he thinks about becoming a quasi-power forward again.
Gerald’s response was telling:
“If he wants me to go some (at 4), fine,’’ Wallace said. “But as far as labeling me a 4, I’m done with those days.’’
Translation: The more Wallace plays power forward, the faster his expiration date arrives. Colliding with someone 6-7 and 230 pounds is very different from colliding with someone 6-10 and 260 pounds.

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