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Default Bryan Colangelo twitter
obviously fake but some of these made me laugh

Just to keep you all abreast on the #Peja buyout. We are offering him $10,000.54 per 3 point shot made. He wants $335.23 per shot made. #NBA
Too bad #Bosh sprained his ankle tonight. The #Heat will miss him. Thank goodness his ego wasn't sprained. That would be season ending!
“@iluckylefty @BryanColangelo RT @openmiQ: well they better be working on a Nash and Carter trade to Toronto” -

@iluckylefty Carter would have to pay fans back the money for 2 dogged seasons and have titanium ankles installed to make this trade work.
#MyNewYearResolution is to not sign players until I speak to their girlfriends/wives first. #Raptors
#MyNewYearResolution is to give up on players that I draft. Especially players in the second round. #Raptors
7:39 PM Dec 31st, 2010 via Twitter for iPhone
Someone should check in on #Turkoglu at the Vixen nightclub in Orlando. Its gametime after all. #NBA #Magic
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