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Default Re: Nene is eying three teams; "Dallas and Miami are included"

Originally Posted by Vancouver-Grizz
I don't see either team getting him.

If the new collective bargaining agreement is leaning towards a hard cap as the owner is demanding, there will be no-more midlevel exceptions and basically screwing up teams over the cap from signing more players. Teams over the current cap will be handicapped from making any more deals that implicates their payroll any higher.

I guess having a hard cap might improve the quality of the smaller market teams. Players need to get paid and not everyone will want to play for a championship team if there are no cheddar to eat. ;)

You are assuming there will be a hard cap and no more MLE, but also that everything else stays somewhat the same? Sorry if I'm skeptical. Are you really thinking that they will leave it at that? Make it as honest as possible, without giving big market teams the tools to create consistently good squads? If they are going to radicalize things they are going to radicalize more than that.

Obviously new rules like a hard cap, no MLE would be very disadvantageous for teams like the Lakers, the Knicks, Boston, Dallas, Orlando, Utah, Miami. It also seems to me that those teams are the teams bringing in a circumstantial amount of the league income, those teams might have a lot to say when it comes to decisions like this.
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