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Default Re: Barkley says Sixers should tank

I hate that quote, "coaches get carried away with their egos, it's not about them." Coaches are brought in to win or they get fired. Collins wasn't let go in Washington because he didn't develop Hughes, Kwame, Haywood, Dixon, and Jeffries...he got fired because he didn't win enough games. What young talent are we supposed to develop that we're not doing so? Turner, Meeks, and Young are all getting 24+ mins per game. Holiday is 20 and getting 35 mins per game.

We got the #2 pick last year and as you see it's not something that instantly turns the franchise around. There's nothing concrete in a top pick, the only thing about it that's for sure is you sucked the year before. I'd rather have guys play well, boost their own trade value, and win games to be more attractive to FA's than lose games and pray our top draft pick pans out.

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