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Default Re: Barkley says Sixers should tank

So according to Barkley, Collins should start tanking so we get a high draft pick, huh? With Collins dishonoring his contract as a coach by intentionally losing, then getting fired and keep cashing that money? Well, that sure worked well for Eddie Jordan (not saying he was tanking).

Turner, Meeks, and Young are all getting 24+ mins per game. Holiday is 20 and getting 35 mins per game.

Spot on. So again, what's Barkley's point?

Being honest, I'm not happy with the way the team is now. I'm thinking we are a borderline playoff / lottery team, which comes to me as pretty mediocre. But in no way I will be happier with a team that is intentionally losing.

Plus, I don't think tanking would significantly help the team. That's not the answer, that's the freakin panic button. And a way too uncertain one.
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