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Default Re: What's the deal with OJ Mayo?

Originally Posted by sportin_life
He was dropped in one of my leagues where I actually need a guard. However, he's been fairly useless this year. Is there any likelihood he'll be useful again this season, or is he stuck on he bench?

OJ Mayo can be a big time player, I would add him. He is stuck on the bench for his team and isn't much value as of right now. He can still shoot 3's, steal the ball, and score in double figures 10-15 point range. Grizzlies players are rarely injured, so you shouldn't count on that.

The big date you have to watch is Feb 24th next month ( whenever the deadline is), his name has been in the most trade rumors other than Melo this year. If he gets traded your going to hit the lottery, if he isn't traded then i would entertain the possibility of dropping him, if your not in a deep league.
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