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Raptors NBA TV - In a live press conference, Bryan Colangelo announced that the Toronto Raptors will most likely utilize the top pick in the draft and are deciding between two prospects.

Colangelo did not reveal the players being targetted.

This combined with other rumours in the past week pretty much points to it being a choice between Aldridge and Bargnani. We all know the Raptors' fascination with Bargnani and now it's being reported that most other NBA team have the Raptors picking Aldridge.

Although if they do decide they want Bargnani, why not trade down to #3 or 4 with all the talk that those picks have been offered. I'm beginning to think that #3 + Brevin Knight deal was never offered because what possible reason is there to NOT take it if they want Bargnani??? If Aldridge is the choice then I can definetly see the reason for not trading down as Chicago will strongly consider him.
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