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Here's a guy who said teams wouldn't want Bargnani even if he was GUARANTEED to be Dirk simply because he doesn't fit a need.
he's not guaranteed to be Dirk so it's irrelevant. And no matter how good he turns out to be you still have 3 players who are all the exact same and absolutely nothing else. Not only will Aldridge better, but he'll be a better fit, and he solves a GAPING hole, so what is there to think about.

You guys aren't in so desperate a situation that you need to take wild chances trying to land a 5% shot at a superstar. You have Bosh, you have Villa, you have Mopete, you have a chance to nab a great center in this draft, you're a PG away from a great future. Why take a stab in the dark to draft somebody you already have two times over?

Gay is more likely to be an above average player than Bart by a long shot but you already have Villa and Mopete do you not? K, who do you have at center?
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