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Originally Posted by ALBballer
I seriously think with Zeke as the Coach, we should win atleast 35 games. Zeke first needs to trade Francis, do the Grizzlies trade.

Malik Rose


Eddie Jones
Brian Cardinal

Then, I would trade Jamal Crawford for Drew Gooden (S&T) and Aleskander Pavlovic

PG: Marbury, Nate Robinson
SG: Q-Rich, Aleskander Pavlovic
SF: Eddie Jones, Jalen Rose
PF: Drew Gooden, David Lee
C: Eddy Curry, Jerome James

Add a few draft picks, and this team has to win atleast 35 games.

Then, Curry needs to work on his offensive game, especially his passing. If Currry, big if, can learn how to pass out of the double team, we can play inside-out.

But if this team is left alone, their is no way they loose less then 30 games next year.

Getting the Eddie Jones trade is a good idea, but I think we should keep Crawford for some clutch shooting. And for all of you who say our team sucked, take a look at yours, how many times did they beat the pistons? 0, We beat them. Whenever the Knicks put things together, everything runs like clockwork, and we win. I expect us to put things together next season and get around 40 wins
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