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Originally Posted by BlackVVaves
Exactly. There are two sides to every story. Those of you, like YG, who thinks all of a sudden that team will make the playoffs and Eddy Curry will put up all star numbers....just wait until this time next season when Zeke is saying buh-bye.

With that teams talent and them playing in the East, they should've made the playoffs last year. I may be wrong about Curry blowing up for 20ppg (even though he's one of the most effecient scorers and can really do work down in the post), but even if he gets 16 like he did in Chi going along with the perimeter scorers they have, and Channing they should be a dangerous offense.

The whole problem last year starts with style of play considering what talent they have. Brown didn't want to adapt, they all rebeled and everybody was pointing fingers. Even the coach rebelled. The question is whether or not they will put up the effort on defense. And I think there's a chance Zeke will get them to play adequate enough D.
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