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Default Re: Vindicated: The story of Bruinlove

Originally Posted by Nick Young
dangles on a string
like slow spinning redemption

Throughout my ISH posting history which started in 2007, I have made analytical claims about basketball that I am suddenly realized ALL TURNED OUT CORRECT. At the time I was jumped on, labeled a troll at attacked by nearly half the board-but now time has vindicated me. Here are some examples

Kevin Love will be the best bigman of his draftclass
-I was told by everyone that he would only be a roleplayer and never and allstar-now he's a 20/15 beast, SUCK IT HATERS

Start of 2007/2008 season: Lakers will be the #1 seed in the west and get to the finals. Bynum will become a beast:
However I was wrong when I predicted that they would win the finals. I was called a troll and an idiot, being told that Bynum was a nothing and worse than Kwame Brown. SUCK IT HATERS

Chris Bosh is a soft jumpshooter-not a first option, plays shitty defense:Called a troll by craptors fans for years, once again VINDICATED, however his D has improved this year and he has potential to be a great defender-KEEP UP THE WORK BOSHY

Amare-Nash suns will never win a title, Amare will never lead a team anywhere because he's a statspadder:
This was back in the day when it was a cool fad to love the d'antoni suns and they were "america's team". I knew these two overrated no-defense players could never lead their team to anything. Called a troll at the time but once again VINDICATED. Oh yeah, Amare is currently leading his team to a .500 record in the horrible eastern conference. LAWL

Russell Westbrook will be a beast:
Everyone told me he was just an athletic defensive roleplayer, but I wasnt called a troll for this prediction, THANKS FOR THE COMPASSION

Greg Oden is a BUST AND WILL BE A BUST Because his legs are different length, same reason Sam Bowie couldn't last: Said this start of the season he was drafted, called a troll for 3 years until finall this year even Blazer fans are accepting this.

hahaha right again. Jeryd Bayless is where now? Greg Oden is leading a championship center? Rudy Fernandez is like Spanish Manu? All stupid shit Blazer fans have said. Called a troll repeatedly-idiots even said Pritchard was best GM in the L-WTF that's mitch Kupchak you clowns. Oh yeah it has been revealed that Kupchak purposefully drafted and acquired players that his medical staff told him were huge injury risks. Good job idiot, karma has gotten you fired, but I feel bad for blazers fans having to watch this team, GOOD LUCK ROY IF HE GETS A MENISCUS TRANSPLANT

Deron Williams is better than CP3:
everyone thought CP3 was clear best PG, some idiots still do-then Deron goes and leads his team to the WCF, and CP3 leads his team to a 60 point home playoff loss. Now it is general consensus that Deron is the better PG. HOW DO I KEEP DOING THIS?

Lebron will never win a title in Cleveland, he is mentally soft, a quitter, a statspadder, a douschebag
-Back when Lebron was America's golden boy was beloved by all. I have had accounts banned for saying Lebron would never win a title with the cavs and that he's a statspadder-hey now in 2011 guess what everyone is saying about this clown? VINDICATED AGAIN

Dwight Howard has no post moves:
suddenly other people are starting to recognize this, even after his magical 3 hours with Hakeem.

I can keep going and going. The one mistake on my record is when I said Derek Rose would be the Stromile Swift of PGs. CLEARLY THIS IS A MISTAKE ROSE IS A BEAST but no one is perfect not even Jesus.

Watch who you call a troll next time clowns, just because his opinions are better than yours, the future might very well vindicate him LIKE IT VINDICATED ME

Where is the proof that you made all these claims before the fact?
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