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Default Re: How do you react to "We can agree to disagree"?

Originally Posted by sh0wtime
You must never agree to disagree if you are 100% sure you are right, you must work toward respectful consensus by presenting only the facts/truth, even if you have different information its the facts and consensus that matters.

The ones who end it all with "We agree to disagree" do it most of the time to avoid you, simply stubborness, them realising suddenly they actually are or could be wrong and not wanting to admit it. If he knows he is wrong and you have proven him wrong then those words are his best friend afterall if he doesnt want to embarass himself by saying that you are right and there are still ways to counteract those words (see at the bottom).

But if both of you just throw out different opinions and information (with neither part knowing the actual facts/truth to 100%) then its simply best to "Agree to Disagree" when both of you recognise that further conflict is unnecessary, ineffective or otherwise undesirable.

If you know you are 100% right and you prove it to him and he still says nothing but "We agree to disagree", thats disrespectful according to me at least, a good response would then be something like this: (choose one)

"Yes we do, but you disagree to facts/truth, i only disagree to your irrational opinion".

"No we dont, because i am only working toward consensus by presenting real facts which you disagree with. Its no different than you refusing to believe that this entirely blue shirt is actually blue."

Either you respond like that or simply "Agree to Disagree" to not hurt his feelings because deep down he will still know that you are right and he is wrong, you simply just dont want to talk about it. So basically him saying "We agree to disagree" can often be just as simple as: "You are right and i am wrong" and its very obvious to notice especially when he says it directly after you just finished presenting him very thoroughly with facts/truth.

i totally disagree with you sentiments on the subject. Sometimes its just not worth it on the subject. I do this at work when dealing with opposing counsel sometimes. Not every argument needs to be resolved.
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