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Default Re: Anyone have any tips to trying to fall asleep?

I have the same problem as miller time.

Basically you gotta implement something to drain your nervous system earlier in the day. Either extensive studying or exercising or f*cking or something man. The 16+ hours you are awake should consist of something other than stimulating your mind with screens which most people engage in. Inject some alcohol into your life if you got to as rezzonor pointed out.

Glass of warm milk (casein) and a banana (tryptophan) should help a lot.

Ice baths calm you down too, in addition to hot showers.

Meditation techniques as mentioned before. Pranic breathing is where you inhale for 3 seconds, hold (oxygenate blood, and exhale for 5.

Try reading a dry azz book like The Autobiography of Meticode or To Kill a Nothingbird and try to focus on the details.

That movie Little Fockers had a scene where Owen Wilson pinches the lil tykes neck and he falls asleep talkin' bout how he relaxes the flow of CSF fluid or something. WTF? dats bullsh!t but if someone can verify dat id be please.
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