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Default Re: Where Should I Live?

Originally Posted by Hawker
Sounds like you have some awesome locations.

I can speak on behalf of Dallas and Houston.

Houston doesn't have much in terms of outdoors but other than that it's a decent city. The summers are absolutely unbearable though. The humidity is crazy high. I'm sure the humidity is somewhat similar in Florida.

-Traffic kinda sucks. Great downtown in my opinion.

Dallas-Pretty much the same as Houston. I'd say its better though. Better downtown...traffic not as bad but there are still crazy drivers. Summers are way more bearable. You also have Forth Worth which is a cool city as well.


San Antonio-Very, very mexican.

I'd go to Colorado if you're an outdoorsman. You will never get bored no matter what time of year it is. I'm moving up to a city in New Mexico that's an hour away from the CO border and I'm pumped about it. SO MANY ACTIVITIES.

I'd go Colorado Springs, Denver, San Fran or Dallas.
I haven't been to Houston since I was a child but I do have some friends from Houston and they claim that Dallas is miles better...that Houston actualy does resemble the Texas hick stereotype...

Almost everyone I know from other cities in Texas (San An, Austin, Houston) says that the people here in Dallas come off much more arrogant though...and I can see it, lotta cocky people here...although probably no where near the levels of cockiness found in the North East...
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