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Default Re: How do you react to "We can agree to disagree"?

Originally Posted by iamgine
Here's a story i read in John Maxwell's book:

A tennis professional was giving a lesson to a new student of the game. After watching the student take several swings at the tennis ball, he began to suggest ways in which the strokes might be improved.

But each time a suggestion was made, the student would interrupt with his own version of what was wrong and how to correct it. After several such interruptions, the "Pro" began to nod his head in agreement.

When the lesson ended, a woman who had been watching said to the Pro: “Why did you go along with that arrogant man’s stupid suggestions?” The old “Pro” smilingly replied, “I learned a long time ago that it is a waste of time to try to sell answers to a person who just wants to buy echoes.”

Very interesting. A lot of very good posts in this thread

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