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#2 of course. Getting out of the West will always be the biggest priority. If Dallas can beat a Spurs team at 100% and a Suns team at 100% in a series, then they should be able to beat any team in the East, no disrespect to the Heat or Pistons.

#1 - Dallas looked bad at times but it's not like they were completely manhandled by Miami. With the exception of game 4, the games were close and if some wide open shots went in and some calls were/weren't made, it could've been a whole different story. Miami is a great team but it's not like Dallas, with their current roster, would have no chance against them again next year.

#3 - If most other franchises try something like that, it's a disaster that could kill the team for years. Miami was fortunate to have one of the best coaches at the helm, with Shaq and Dwyane Wade as the cornerstones.

#4 - No way. The Mavericks definitely have some holes to fill.
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