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Default Re: Welcome to the Charlotte Bobcats fan forum!

Originally Posted by onewickedlady
No bad and no offense taken. I bet that there are some fans who'd love to re-capture the glory days of the Hornets including changing the name of the team. Some of us would love to re-capture their record. And maybe a couple of seasons with Silas will make a big difference. Some of us hate the name Bobcats just because it reminds us of our sorry-assed first owner. As in real life, ten people and ten different opinions!
I do remember the late-90's Charlotte Hornets with Mason, Curry, Rice, Wesley, Phills and I think Divac was on that team too. I kinda liked that old squad, a good feisty mid-tier team. Lost track of them once Baron Davis came into the league but I think around that time, the Hornets were thinking of moving already.

Maybe the Bobcats can bring some of that 90's Hornets glory back. Good luck!!!
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