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this mavs team was built specifically to beat the Spurs. It took them years to get this formula down and i seriously doubt they will do anything to mess that up.

ive said it before and ill say it again...its not what the heat did or had...its what the mavs DIDNT do.

in the spurs series, the mavs controlled the tempo, they controlled the boards and they forced the spurs to play small ball. The mavs did the same thing to the heat in the first two games...then all of a sudden decided to change it up. i have no idea for what reason but it ended up costing them a championship...if they would have stuck to their plan that got them to the finals they would have beaten the heat because they blew them out the first games using the same strategy.

if i was the mavs, i wouldnt make any HUGE changes...but knowing cuban he will do just that and they will be back at square 1 again trying to figure out how to beat the spurs.
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