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Default Re: Aaron Brooks Suspended One game

Originally Posted by ImmortalNemesis
Read this hours ago.

Even since coming back from his ankle injury, Aaron Brooks has been a disappointment. Apparently he got mad because Rick took him out of the game. He has no reason to complain, he's been playing pretty bad lately. In fact, I can comfortably say Lowry has earned his starting PG spot for the rest of the season.

I love Brooks but this guy has almost no basketball IQ. He is a scorer, that's it. He can't play defense and he can't set up a half court play, so I wouldn't be upset if Houston let him go. He needs to go to a team like the Lakers or the Heat. If you look at his numbers you'd think he's a chucker, but he's not. He's shooting what like 30 % from the 3 pt line? Those numbers don't tell the whole story.
I have always say that about Brooks. I remember in the 08-09 season (the season they traded Alston away, and acquired Lowry), I felt that Lowry should have been the one that started, not Brooks. I also remember that Lowry was a very poor shooter during that time. He vastly improved his shooting since.
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