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Default Re: Aaron Brooks Suspended One game

Originally Posted by StateOfMind12
I have always say that about Brooks. I remember in the 08-09 season (the season they traded Alston away, and acquired Lowry), I felt that Lowry should have been the one that started, not Brooks. I also remember that Lowry was a very poor shooter during that time. He vastly improved his shooting since.

No dude. 08-09 Brooks was on another level. He was miles ahead of Kyle Lowry, not the case anymore. Brooks is an excellent 3rd or 4th option. Deadly shooter if left wide open. His role in Houston is to create his own shot or create for others, and that's when he gets in trouble; because he can't run an offensive play. I still think 2008-2010 Brooks >>> current Kyle Lowry.
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