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Default Should the Suns trade the Matrix?

Alright, it seems like the Suns are in another financial situation similar to last offseason with JJ. The Suns wanted him back, but not at the price he wanted, and as painful as it was to see him go for a lot of Suns fans, we ended up better without him, and we got more players for the money we would have spent on JJ. Barring the Amare injury, who knows what could have happened this season.

So, here we go again with Marion. We have Diaw & Barbosa to extend, and the Suns are trying to go deeper on their bench with Tim Thomas. So likely, someone is out. Marion happens to have the big contract, and is likely their most tradeable player. Do the Suns let him go, and try to get some help through the draft, as well as resign T2?

I personally want Marion to be a Sun for life, but I just don't see how it's going to happen after next season at least. Would it be better to part ways now?
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