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Default Re: Barkley says Sixers should tank

Originally Posted by GOBB
I dont buy that argument fully. This team has players that tasted wins, playoffs under Mo Cheeks. Why do we have to hear that pep talk about today?
I think Iggy, Lou, and Thad are the only ones who got in under Mo or DiLeo. Since Jrue and Evan are who we consider a part of our future in the long term (maybe Thad) I agree with getting them that experience. It certainly can't hurt and I'm not against watching more games this season.

You see all the time where a guy can get overwhelmed with what's on the line in the playoffs + opposing crowds being rowdier and such. Evan seems to have a personality of someone who would be nervous. I'd rather get those nerves that go with the playoffs out of the way now so when we're able to compete in a few years (well, that's the plan of course) they'll know what to expect.
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