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Default Draft since 2005

Minnesota draft picks since 2005
Rashad McCants #14 - TRADED
Results: Traded to Kings after a few seasons because of attitude problems and since has appeared in great films such as:


Brandon Roy (traded for Randy Foye) #7 - TRADED
Results: He was always inconsistent. The Brandon Roy injury makes this draft pick look a lot better than it would be looked at a year ago. We basically got nothing out of this pick. We drafted him looking for a point gaurd similar to Chauncey Billups and got an undersized shooting gaurd.

Corey Brewer #7 - POSSIBLE TRADE
Results: He had a horrible first year. He has since turned out to be a lot more than his first year had shown. His shot is average and he plays elite defense against the best scorers in the game. The guy is a game changer, hustler and gives his all every night. He is worth a lot more than we will ever get in a trade, though it may happen.

Kevin Love #5
Results: He is an all-star, but he lack defense and our team is dead last in defense. We could be a team above .500 if our defense was just average. Love has a lot to do with the crappy defense we play.

Ricky Rubio #5 (plays in Spain) - POSSIBLE TRADE
Results: Where the hell did I say he played? Enough said.

Johnny Flynn #6 - POSSIBLE TRADE
Results: hip injury at end of 1st year going into 2011 season, now showing flashes of what we drafted him for. Is Telfair playing better? I think we should bench Luke and look to the future.

Ty Lawson (traded to Nuggets for future conditional 1st round pick) #18
Results: Ty Lawson could have been a great point guard for the Wolves and it all depends how well Rubio and Flynn pan out on whether this was a good decision.

Wesley Johnson#4
Results: Wesley has a great shooting stroke. If he can improve his handles, then he will be a superstar some day. Just give him time.

Luke Babbit#16 and Ryan Gomes traded for Martell Webster
Results: He started out well during the beginning of the season, but hasn’t ever found his place in the organization. I think if we actually trade Brewer, then he will do much better. He just needs a lot more playing time.

Trevor Booker#23 and Hamady Ndiaye#56 traded for Lazar Hayward#30 and Nemanja Bjelica
Results: Who knows?

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