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Default Re: Jerry Sloan steps down, leaves Utah Jazz! Era is over!

Originally Posted by GOBB
Jon Barry is saying he feels Sloan made an unselfish move by leaving because had he stayed? He knew D-Will would have left Utah. So by him leaving he did Utah a favor not having to worry about that problem.

I disagree with his opinion because D-Will can decided to leave Utah anyway. Just because Sloan left doesnt mean he will now remain a Jazz for more years to come.

Pretty crazy that Sloan is leaving 23yrs on the table because of 1 player. It has to be more than just D-Will. Just has too.
Why does it have to be more than Williams? With the way superstars are coddled these days, this is absolutely not surprising. Franchises -- especially in smaller markets -- are so afraid that their superstar players are going to bolt in free agency, they allow these guys to completely run the show and make the calls.

The NBA is not the league that I once loved.
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