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Originally Posted by The REAL Next KNICK
Shawne Williams and Ronnie Brewer are going to be the sleepers

I think Shawne Williams is a good prospect and a worth late lottery pick. However, I don't see him as a roy candidate no matter where he will play next year. He may need a couple of years to develop.

As we know, who will be ROY depends a lot on where each prospect will go. Morrison would be a safe bet. I think Foye is also kind of a player that can contribute immediately. Bargnani has a chance, and so does even Tyrus Thomas if he gets to play in a suitable system. I still believe Gay is the most talented prospect in this years draft, and he could be one of those players who are more suited for nba than college game. If that's true, he could be the ROY too. Shelden Williams could have monster stats if he will go to Atlanta. Marcus Williams may collect loads of assists if he gets to start and play with a scorer.
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