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Default Re: Courtney Lee for Asik?

Originally Posted by Crystallas
The fanbase didn't overpay anyone. It's not over-valuing anyone.
Lee is being overvalued for putting up streaks on struggling teams. So lets call that a wash.

The real question is, will the Bulls go further in the playoffs this season with Lee added sans Asik?
Or will we go further next season WITH 2nd year Asik and an upgraded SG that can gel through the entire year?

I forgot you have to be 100% literal on this forum or noone understands what you are saying lol. THE ORG over payed those players and a lot of fans thought they were good moves. Did you watch his rookie year in orlando go back and see that then holler at me. The bulls would go farther this year with Lee because as its been explained time and time again we dont have any money for a good SG to sign in the offseason. For those who think guys like Carter, Richardson, JR smith will be available for the MLE are crazy. We wil have another whole at SG for the next couple years and if we draft one its not like thibs plays rookies. You know what this is all a moot point because bulls already said they arent giving up Asik for Lee which is actually fine with me. I dont want to see any one bitching about bogans in the playoffs when the likes of Ray Allen, D Wade, Joe Johnson, J richardson are abusing his azz....
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