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Default Re: the problem with the knicks

When i look at the knicks now i see fewer problems then i saw the 1st month. IF you think back to the first month ...

Curry stunk, Frye STunk, Marbury Stunk.
Q and francis were teh only starters doing anything worth while, and teh bench was on fire. Now our bench has cooled off (mainly because of nate).

Now ...
But Curry is playing like a franchise player, Steph is playing like a leader and playin some of the best call of his career. Crawfrod is streaky but playing well. Frye is playing OK .. not great looks like a solid forward off the bench but not a starter.

The main issue i see now .. is the turn overs . If we averaged 14 instead of 17 it woudl be a much different season. You cant continue to be the most turnover prone team and win.

- Cangoods
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