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Originally Posted by phillystrong
No one accused A.I. of being a cancer. But the truth be told they showed a few times they could post some wins without A.I. And A.I. is not Steve Nash in that he has not shown that he can be dominate and bring out the best in the others around him at the same time. I'm cool with keeping A.I. he's a great player, but at the same time if you are serious about making a change in Philly it starts with A.I. and Webber. Just my opinion.

You shouldn't be comparing Iverson and Steve Nash in the first place, they are entirely different players in entirely different roles on their team. When was the last time Steve Nash didn't play on a team that was loaded with offensive talent? Nash doesn't have to play the role of distrubutor and main scoring option. And Iverson has proved that he can get his offensively and keep others playing well. Name me a player that has fallen off coming to Philly or exploded upon leaving?
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