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Our team is not good enough. I'm glad they are better than they were. It's nice to see the new guys meshing in. I've already written this season off. I'm very curious about next year.

Nash's agent has told the Suns to start exploring trades after next year. Vince won't be here next year. We're good and my biggest fear is that Lon Babby and Sarver will only want us to stay good enough. If they put out a decent enough talent capable of making the playoffs, fans should stay off their back.

I'm tired of good enough (but realistically, that might be all we get for a while. Teams are stacked and other are planning on getting stacked i.e. Melo and possibly Deron williams or cp3 to NY. DHO to LA or NY..) I want to see the Suns be Championship material.Trade, draft, both what ever it takes, get some talent or pull a Detroit Pistons and construct a great team.
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