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Default 3 spots filled, 2 to go

It seems to me that the Bobcats are solid at PG (Felton, Knight), PF (Okafor, May) and SF (Wallace, Robinson-potentially J.Jones). The glaring weakness is SG with C not far behind. I am not much of a Brezac fan. I like him OK of the bench for some quick socring, but feel he is too much of a liability on defense to be a starter. The Bobcats should draft Roy to play SG and go after a defensive center through FA and they would get a lot better fast. I think Morrison would also fit into the SG role if drafted and bring a lot of media attention with him. Either way they can't go wrong. The only other option would be move Okafor to C and draft Thomas, giving you an athletic front line of Wallace, Thomas and Okafor. A SG would have to be aquired through F/A if that were to happen.
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