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Default Re: the problem with the knicks

Turnovers are a big issue. But why are there turnovers?

You have to address the reasons. Big men turn it over because they are not used to handling the ball as much. Which goes to the problem of the Knicks, their bigmen can't pass well.

Now lets look at the smalls.......Crawford makes some dumb plays. Poor passes and poor dribbling. Marbury has gotten better and for a guy that handles the ball more than he should have to(because of the poor ball handling of the team itself) he's OK. He does have some moments of brain freeze but overall he's been very good, he is playing hurt and you really can't fault anything he has done recently.

So if you look into the problem more deeply there are other issues as to the whys of it all.

It is about fundamentals, it's always been about fundamentals and with any losing team it's always about fundamentals.

The winning teams do not have more talent most of the time, they usually have much better fundamentals especially on the defensive side. They protect the ball, make free throws when they have to and pass the ball effectively.

Physically, is Shaq that much better than Curry? Actually no.....a young Shaq was a little bigger but had a little less body control than Curry. Granted he was untouchable and got every call by the refs. Why was he so much of a power player as compared to other big men?

Look at there stats at the same age. points 19.6 rebounds 7 assists .8 blocks .5 Shaq 26 11 2.9 2.9 so the big thing that jumps out at me is the assists and blocks.

There's more to stats than just the stats themselves. It's why those stats are like that and it says Shaq had better fundamental to go with his physical ability.

If Jerome James had something between his ears instead of an empty cavity he would be a top 5 center.
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