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Originally Posted by Xiao Yao You
So I guess Horny's in? Top assistant? Could bring in Natt? Karl wants in. He'd be welcome if he wants to coach the bigs. Maybe he could get Stockton to come too. Chiesa(sp?) is available I think too. Jeff Malone,l Brown Bear and Eisley all coach too. I'm sure others. I hope they don't go with Jeff Malone or Eisley. Brown Bear was close with Karl. I'd hire Mussleman personally to coach some D. Move Layden back to the front office.

I guess AK is gone too if he and Deron went at it like has been reported?
I'd bring in Karl too. He said all that have to do is call him and he'll be there, that's an offer you don't refuse in my mind. If Horny gets an assistant job, then maybe i'd hire another assistant who's had some experience (Like Mussleman).

Layden did a shit job in charge of NY, but he'd be working under O'Connor i'm assuming, so that wouldn't bother me. Or he can go back to scouting or something.
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