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Default Re: Stuckey #2 RFA 2011

Young has FINALLY started to show something this year, but Brooks looks like shit. We may have seen his ceiling.

I'm glad Stuckey gets some love though. He's a damn good basketball player. As a SG he's a plus scorer,defender, rebounder and passer. As a PG, he takes a hit in the defending and passing categories. He needs a shot, but may never get it. Even then, he is a player you want on your team and a really good pick at 15. Joe has drafted well since Darko IMO, though we are still seeing what will happen with Daye and Monroe. Hopefully though, along with Gordon, Jerebko,Daye,Monroe and Stuckey will be our core going forward, with a true PG and a high level big added to the mix.
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