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Default Re: coaching staff?

He said all that have to do is call him and he'll be there, that's an offer you don't refuse in my mind.

Yeah but it sounds like they've been refusing him since he retired. I'd have at least had him in camp working with guys in the fall. He also thinks he's a headman so who knows if he'd be in as a lowly assistant?

If Horny gets an assistant job, then maybe i'd hire another assistant who's had some experience (Like Mussleman).

Could use some new blood after all this time. Bring in some fresh ideas.

Layden did a shit job in charge of NY, but he'd be working under O'Connor i'm assuming, so that wouldn't bother me. Or he can go back to scouting or something.

He could definitely be better utilized there. The problem in NY was that money was no object and it causes people to do stupid things. Happened with Isiah and Larry Brown too. Jazz paying luxury tax has been a bad experiment too for that matter.
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