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Default Re: the problem with the knicks

i remeber the first thing that Zeke said this year is that we wanted a Phoenix-style offense. Now we knew before the season aint no way that would happen. i can still say that now. But take a look at them. Phoenix will make the playoffs, something we may not do. And they are one of the worst defensive teams in the league as far as point allowed. Now don't get me wrong I truly believe defense wins championships. Which is why Dallas may win this year. They have a great collection of BOTH. Now back to Phoenix. Why do they win as much as they do. The main reason is they have low turnovers and they always push the ball which create more SCORING opportunities. Our main focus should be to control our turnover FIRST. get our 17 turnovers a game to about 12-14. We have lost so many games by 6 point or less it's ridiculous. Then couple that with our poor free throw shooting(mainly Curry since he is fouled alot). between turnovers that are controllable and free-throws, we give up as much as 15 points a game. Imagine if we can chop the missed points from 15 to about 8.
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