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Default Re: Settle Down Curry

Originally Posted by MustangDoug
Here is a one-dimensional player who has played in one winning season in his whole NBA career. He has led his underachieving team to a horrible two-year record and which has become the laughing stock of the NBA. He has never been in shape since coming to New York. How dare he demand such a thing from his boss, who is trying to turn his team around?

Some of this can be worded better. let me do it for you.

1)He is a one-dimensional player who was not the main guy on his team until this year.(Remeber Crawford was in Chi leading the team in scoring.)

2) The Knicks are not a laughstock compared to the C's.

3) Curry has shed some pounds and his TEAMMATES have helped him get into shape this year. Very bad argument there.

4) Which boss are you referring to? The one with the checkbook that sits right behind the bench.

Curry is now the focal point of the offense. He can say what he wants. It won't translate into anything no way. just his way of trying to be a leader. I'm kinda glad he said it. Show he got a mean streak. Now take it to the court
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